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Teen Pregnancy Group Homes + more

Anonymous started this conversation

If you are a pregnant teen in need of help here are some group homes (listed by state) that may be able to help you. Most are government funded. All have parenting programs and life skills, among other programs and options available to young, expectant mothers.

The list is far from complete, so all additions are welcome. Please note that some homes do offer additional programs for other residents in need.



St. Ann's MD
Bridgeway CO
Birthright international US, Canada, S. Africa
pregnancy help online online 
Teen Parent Program PA
Mary's Shelter  CA
Inwood house  NY
G-CAPP's Second Chance Homes GA
St Andre Home  ME 
Teen living Program MA
Teen Parent Program MI
Teen parent  residential center NM
Friends of youth WA
Youth Emergency Services (YES)  NE
Wait house NY


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Do they have one in NJ
Talk to latish20
Do they have any in Richmond , Virginia ?
Talk to Daisa
i am looking for a group home for me and my son
Talk to prettygurlwilliams
Are there any in virginia and more specific loudoun county virginia (northern virginia) my daughter just turned 19 and is pregnant and due in May please text thank you kelly 717-701-2548
mountain mamma
Mountain Home is in Missoula, MT.
Talk to mountain mamma